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CAT scan, anyone?

I had my CAT scan yesterday. First I had to drink 18 ounces of the nasty contrast liquid (it tastes like thick, chalky water that is slightly orange flavored) at 6 in the morning. Then, I had to drink 18 more ounces of the contrast at 7 in the morning. I gagged once, but got it all down.

My appointment was at 8. My mom and I (yes, I brought my mommy) went to the imaging place and only waited for a few minutes. When I got to the back, I had to change into these huge drawstring pants. They brought me into the room with the machine and made me drink about 8 more ounces of the nasty contrast. As I was drinking it, I saw what looked like a needle on the counter. I said, “Um, what’s that? Is that for me?” She told me that it was for my IV for more contrast. I’ve never had an IV before so I started to freak out. They didn’t tell me that I would need both kinds of contrast. I had just read on my forms that 1 in 30,000 to 40,000 people has a severe reaction to the contrast, possibly fatal. I didn’t like those odds.

I had to go through the machine once without the IV contrast and then again with it. She didn’t really tell me what to expect, except that a voice was going to tell me when to hold my breath and when to breathe. I got situated on the table and then the technician left the room. The machine pulled me in so that my head was just at the opening. The voice said, “Breathe in. Hold your breath.” I did, and the machine slowly pushed me back out. It pulled me back in again, told me to hold my breath and slowly pushed me out again. I thought, That wasn’t so bad, and waited for the technician to come back in. Then I heard a loud whirring sound and saw that the inside of the machine was spinning really fast (there’s a small window that shows the inner workings of the machine). I started freaking out a little. It pulled me in and very, very slowly pushed me back out. I had to breathe and then hold my breath 3 or 4 times. I’m claustrophobic, so at this point I was freaking out and starting to cry. The technician came back in to put the IV in. I asked her to get my mom.

My mom was so great and stayed in the room with me for the rest of the test. She had to wear the lead apron and everything. The IV wasn’t too bad, but it was definitely uncomfortable. I had to go through the machine two more times and then I was done. I felt much better having my mom in the room. Even at 24 years old sometimes you still need your mommy. I’m glad that my RE is being thorough, but I’m really getting tired of all these tests. I have an appointment with a hematologist on Friday, and then hopefully I’m finished with tests and we can start treatment.


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I have an appointment!

I called a hematologist today, and was able to schedule an appointment for this Friday! I’m so happy that I could get one so soon. I hope it’s just a quick thing where they draw some blood and give me the results and that’s it. I don’t want to draw this out any more than we have to. I’m tired of waiting! So after Friday, I just need to wait for my doctor to get all of my results and then I can schedule an appointment with her. Hopefully I will be pregnant by my birthday in April!

I finally e-mailed my sister-in-law who is also trying to conceive. I hadn’t talked to her in about four months. I felt really bad, but it’s hard to talk to her when she’s also talking to her 2 year old daughter. It makes me so sad about the fact that I don’t have that. I should have a five month old right now. It’s just not fair. I’m glad I “talked” to her though. I consider her a really good friend and I missed her. She said she would tell us right away when she gets pregnant because she doesn’t want to keep it from us. Part of me is glad because I don’t want to be thinking that she’s not pregnant when she really is, but part of me doesn’t want to know. I will be happy for her when she gets pregnant, but I’ll still be very sad for myself.

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I had my glucose tolerance test on Friday. It was horrible! I can’t believe they make pregnant women go through that! The drink is absolutely disgusting and made me feel nauseated for an hour afterward. After that I felt fine for about another hour, then my blood sugar plummeted and I got all shaky. Hopefully I will get the results of that test tomorrow.

I already got the results of my DHEAS test, and it’s high again! Now I need to go get a CT scan of my abdomen to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my adrenal gland. That’s scheduled for Tuesday. Tomorrow I need to make an appointment with the hematologist, and then I’m finished with the tests. I really want to get this done. I’m so freaking impatient it’s not even funny. I JUST WANT TO BE PREGNANT!

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I went to the RE today hoping to hear that we could start trying next cycle. Wrong! Instead she told me I still need some tests done. She wants to test my DHEAS level again because it was so high the first time. If it’s still high, I need to get a CT scan of my abdomen to make sure there’s nothing on my adrenal gland (I’m guessing a tumor or something). I had my blood drawn for that today right after my appointment. Then tomorrow I need to do a fasting glucose test. It’s the same test they do for pregnant women to test for gestational diabetes. They draw blood then have you drink a really sweet drink. Then they wait two hours and draw your blood again to see how your body deals with the sugar. A lot of women with PCOS can have a glucose tolerance problem. If I have a glucose problem, I may need to take Metformin which is a diabetes drug.

My RE also wants me to see a hematologist to test my blood for PAI-1 which is something that can cause blood clots to form behind the placenta and could explain my recurrent losses. I also need to see a dietitian because my RE wants me to lose 35 pounds. She says it is a good idea to lose the weight, but we don’t have to wait for me to lose it all before we start trying again. I really need to be careful about what I eat and I need to exercise more.

The last thing my RE suggested is acupuncture. The only reason she suggested it is because I asked about it. She said that there is no evidence that it helps with getting pregnant, but it can help with stress which can help with getting pregnant. I think our insurance covers part of acupuncture, so I may look into it.

She also told me what the plan will be when we actually finish with all the tests. She will put me on Femara (an ovulation drug similar to Clomid) and then do an ultrasound a week or so later to see how many follicles I have growing. She will then give me an injection of Ovidrel to release the follicles and we will have sex three days in a row. Doesn’t sound too bad. I just want to get to the point where we can do this! I’m so frustrated and impatient right now!

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I feel like a big slacker because I haven’t posted in so long. There really hasn’t been much to post about though. I had blood drawn on February 4th to test my LH, FSH, and E2 (Estradiol). I haven’t gotten the results back yet though.

Today was my HSG. I was so incredibly nervous all weekend. I was reading the posts on the infertility message board on TheBump.com and I read that a lot of the women on there had said that it was pretty painful. I took my ibuprofen before hand and I’m glad I did. I don’t want to know how bad it would have been if I hadn’t taken it. It was like really bad period cramps. It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be though. The best part is that everything is great! I don’t have any issues with my uterus or tubes or anything. My doctor said that it looks like I just have a hormonal imbalance that we can fix with medications. My follow-up appointment where we discuss my treatment plan is on February 18th. I’m so excited that we’ll actually be able to start doing something about this.

I’ve pretty much convinced myself that my sister-in-law is pregnant and is just not telling me because she wants to wait and see if I get pregnant. Or she’s not telling anyone because she wants to make sure everything is fine. I make myself very depressed if I think about it too much. I feel bad because I haven’t talked to her since October. I hope she understands that it’s just because it’s so hard for me. I will be happy for her when she gets pregnant, it just might take a while to show through my sadness for myself.

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