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We have a plan!

I went to my RE on Tuesday and we discussed my test results and “the plan.” All of my results came back normal except for the DHEAS, which I already knew. “The plan” is for me to start taking dexamethasone (a steroid), to help lower my DHEAS levels, on cycle day 1; Femara (letrozole) on days 3 through 7; and an Ovidrel shot sometime after day 11 to make me ovulate. I also have to take baby Aspirin starting now and all the way through a pregnancy. My RE also wants me to take 400mcg more of folic acid. I’ve already started the Aspirin and folic acid. I’m pretty sure I ovulated yesterday, so hopefully I will get my period by April 10.

The best part about my appointment is that she said we can start trying next cycle! I’m so excited! My husband just needs to do a semen analysis before then. We already have it scheduled for Wednesday. I just need to get my period now. I’ve never looked forward to getting my period this much before!


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I’m finally finished with all of the testing! My appointment with the hematologist was no big deal. I had to have 23 vials of blood drawn, though. At this point, it didn’t even really faze me. I did feel a bit faint afterward though. I had to get an apple juice and some Reese’s cups after I was done. I went back to the hematologist two weeks later which was last Monday. All of my tests came back normal including the PAI-1 which is what I was being sent there to have tested in the first place.

The hematologist suggested I get Lovenox injections throughout my pregnancy when I do get pregnant. I definitely don’t feel comfortable with that. My RE had suggested baby Aspirin which sounds like it has way less possible risks. Lovenox just sounds a little scary. There is a risk of a blood clot in the spinal cord area if you have some type of epidural or spinal block while taking Lovenox. I don’t necessarily plan on going completely natural through labor, so I want the option of having an epidural.

Tuesday is my appointment with my RE. Hopefully we will be planning my treatment for the next cycle. I’m currently on cycle day 14 so I’m expecting to ovulate in the next week or so. That would mean I will start my next cycle around April 10th. I really hope we can start trying at that point. I’m so impatient and frustrated. I just want to be pregnant!!!

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